The sale of LINK arkitektur to Multiconsult is finalized

The sale of LINK arkitektur to Multiconsult is finalized


On 11 august 2015, the news of Multiconsult’s acquisition of the shares in LINK arkitektur AS (LINK) was released. The transaction is now completed making Multiconsult the sole owner of LINK as of 15 September 2015.

Multiconsult has since 2008 been the main shareholder in LINK and the acquisition is a natural extension of this position.

In an announcement, acting CEO in LINK, Rolf Maurseth stated that employees, customers and business partners would not experience major changes as a result of this change in ownership.

“LINK will still be a Scandinavian company and brand name focusing on architecture, landscape architecture, interior architecture, planning and urbanism.

As one of Scandinavia's largest architect company with 14 offices in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, we have a unique geographical spread and implementation force that will be further developed in the years ahead.

LINK architecture now consists of 350 employees from over 20 nations and it is they who create all the beautiful buildings, spaces, parks, and great rooms that we are so proud of!

The company is now moving into an exciting period in which strategies for the group until 2020 will be planned. We will look into the "glass ball" and lay the future foundation for architect's office.

I think the journey ahead will be just as adventurous as it has been until today! "

The company has, since the first merger in 2000 between architects “Lysaker Mølle” ,“Maurseth” and “Halleraker”, been through an adventurous journey, and has achieved a solid position as one of the leading architect offices in Scandinavia.

The four founders of LINK continues in the same roles they hold today.

“Focus on employees, work environment, architecture and quality has been crucial for the company's development. About 50% of the company’s assignments are gained from their successful participation in architectural competitions. This creativity we will take care of and develop further,“ concludes Mr Maurseth.

Contact Person

Rolf Maurseth
Acting CEO, Marketing director, Civil Architect
+47 915 68 617