New initiatives pending COVID-19

New initiatives pending COVID-19


The rapid spread of COVID-19 in Norway means that we must all take responsibility for the situation and help to limit the spread of the disease. LINK has decided to implement a number of temporary measures that will help reduce infection while ensuring that we maintain productivity and satisfactorily solve all our tasks for our customers.

LINK complies with the request of the Norwegian Health Authorities to arrange for employees to work from home, to the extent possible. Thanks to our digitized and integrated work systems, all employees can work efficiently and securely from home, across departments and countries.

Our aim is to minimize the effect of the situation for our customers. We are currently working at full capacity and have access to resources and personnel. The company is taking measures to comply with the recommendations issued by the National Authorities and our employees were quickly informed of preventative measures and solutions to prevent the spread of infection.

We have established the opportunity for a home office for the entire staff. Everyone has appropriate tools to maintain their business activities, VPN access and computer equipment with good security. Projects can therefore be followed up and continued with the usual high standards.

Most meetings will be held via Skype over the next few weeks.

To further limit the risk of infection, we no longer use canteen facilities, we limit the gathering of groups of over 15 people and we recommend avoiding public transport during rush hour.

These measures will help to ensure as normal workflow as possible in an extraordinary global situation. We now urge a collective spirit of devotion and ask all employees to contribute to the best of their ability to keep the wheels going. In this way, we hope that we at LINK can help limit the infection and help us as a society get out of this difficult situation as quickly as possible.

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