Rehab Station Stockholm – RSS

Rehab Station Stockholm – RSS

Rehab Station Stockholm, RSS, is an international rehabilitation centre that welcomes patients from all over the world. As one of the country's leading institutions within rehabilitation for patients with spinal cord injuries, the business needed to expand in order to accommodate more patients and to be able to rehabilitate patients with a greater need for care.

The centre is located in Frösundavik, right next to a national city park. In the past, operations have been carried out in temporary accommodations. LINK arkitektur was hired to draw plans for the rebuilding and new construction of approximately 50 rooms for short-term housing and rehabilitation, as well as for day activities and research environments.

Close cooperation with RSS was of great importance to ensure that the specific requirements for accessibility, functionality and training opportunities could be met. The rehabilitation at RSS aims to enable patients to regain or maintain an active role in society with a high degree of independence. The rehabilitation concept therefore includes the provision of an active and vibrant environment. A considerable proportion of the staff at RSS are wheelchair users, which is why the whole environment has been designed with great focus on accessibility.

A major challenge in the assignment was also to find a facade design and materials that would harmonize with the older lime plastered barracks buildings. The new building has a high quality brick facade and a placement of windows that breaks up the building's horizontal, low volume. All parts are linked together by the main entrance building, which is cladded with heat-treated pinewood and houses common features such as a restaurant and meeting places.

LINK arkitektur has been responsible for the BIM coordination throughout the process.

Rehab Station Stockholm is an affiliate of Praktikertjänst AB.


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Type: New construction Sted: Solna Opdragsgiver: Praktikertjänst Fastigheter AB Bruttoareal: 10 500 m2 Status: Completed 2017 Fagområder: Universel Udformning / Indretning / Arkitektur / BIM - Bygnings Informations Modellering