Stockholm South General Hospital

Södersjukhuset, Stockholm
Södersjukhuset - Årets Miljöbyggnad 2018 / illustration: LINK arkitektur / Brick Visual
SÖS, försörjningskvarter samt akut- och behandlingsbyggnad
SÖS, försörjningskvarter samt akut- och behandlingsbyggnad / Jason Strong Photography
SÖS, försörjningskvarter
SÖS, försörjningskvarter / Jason Strong Photography
Stockholm South General Hospital
Stockholm South General Hospital/ Illustration: Brick Visual
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Stockholm South General Hospital

Södersjukhuset is undergoing its biggest change since its opening in the 1940s. The hospital will be supplemented with single patient rooms and treatment buildings, supporting a modern technology-intensive care. The extensive project will be finalised in 2020, and LINK architecture has been engaged to design the new care and working facilities.

Södersjukhuset (Sös) offers care to two million Stockholm residents, but also to patients from other counties and from abroad. Furthermore, the hospital is a workplace for over 4,600 people. In addition to the extensive refurbishment that is currently ongoing, three completely new buildings are under construction in the hospital area.

LINK arkitektur has consistently worked with evidence-based design to prioritise and develop the design of the new Södersjukhuset. The goal has been to create good working environments and conditions for proper and safe patient care. Good wayfinding is one of the overall project objectives, which has been achieved through simple floor plans with long visual axes, views, plenty of daylight and clear entrances in strategic locations. In addition, artworks have been integrated to create landmarks that make it easier to navigate in the Buildings.

All new buildings will be certified according to the requirements of the Gold certificate of the Sweden Green Building Council.

Treatment building
A new 28,000 sqm treatment building, adapted for future technology-intensive care, is being developed as an extension of the hospital. The building will contain a surgical department with 24 general surgery and hybrid rooms, as well as northern Europe's largest emergency department. The building will also hold laboratories, autopsies, receptions and a sterilization centre. The building fits into the existing structure by connecting to the hospital's existing, light-paved facade, but adds a modern form of speech through a cropped, all-glass corner and a window placement with angled niches. Light-flooded patios create visual contact between different activities and emit the daylight required for good work environment and recovery.

Supply quarters 
A 9,000 sqm supply area will be integrated into the adjacent residential neighbourhood's street structure. The building is a prerequisite for a safe future operation and includes goods reception, garbage and laundry, workshops and pharmacies. The facade is an integrated art project signed by Inger Andersson and consists of a shell of stretch metal that surrounds the entire building. The building was completed and went into operation in spring 2018.

Care facility
A new care facility with 173 single patient rooms, built as an extension of the hospital towards Årstaviken. In the general care facilities, the patient-safe single patient room is combined with short walking distance for the staff and good visual contact between patient and staff. The building is 19,000 sqm large and accommodates administration for the emergency room and an infection department. Floor plans and windows placements make the most of the view of Årstaviken.  

Renewal and extension projects
In addition to the new buildings, LINK arkitektur's mission comprises a number of renovation and extension projects totalling 19,000 sqm of hospital area. A new entrance hall with a waiting area has been drawn for the emergency room, and existing parts of the hospital have been reconstructed for pre and post surgery, emergency, ambulance hall and trauma purposes.

Contact Person

Linda Santesson
Linda Santesson Regional Director
+46 72 565 41 51
+46 10 479 99 81
Location: Stockholm Client: Locum AB Gross Area: 70 000 m2 Status: Ongoing 2013-2019 Disciplines: Architectural specification / Architecture / BIM - Building Information Modelling / Universal design Enviromental Aspect: Miljöbyggnad Guld