Danish Centre for Proton Therapy, Aarhus

Danish Centre for Proton Therapy, Aarhus

The project focuses on how both the outer and the inner reflect the function of the centre. Thus, the façades and the building’s overall expression are designed to underline the function of the centre, and tell the story of precision, which is the key component of proton therapy as a form of treatment.

The concrete structure of the new Proton Centre is inherently fascinating –no less than 14,000 cubic meters of concrete shape the walls that are up to 4 meters thick. The building will be 70 meters long and three stories high. This construction combined with some of the world’s most advanced and exclusive equipment for cancer treatment, makes the building quite unique.

The building is conceived from the inside out. With a strong focus on both functional requirements and interior design, the project has developed organically. The conceptualization process has centered on identifying the optimal functionality and ensuring spaciousness and daylight conditions around the building’s inner framework. Simultaneously, it has been essential to ensure optimal conditions of patients and staff in clear, unambiguous pathways and workflows.

A powerful architectural statement
The inner atrium of the centre provides daylight to the ‘backbone’ of the building along the access areas leading to the treatment zones and is a natural orientation axis through the complex. Textural, warm materials combined with green, hanging gardens ensures an accommodating, yet professional healthcare environment. Spirit and uniqueness is added to the exterior of  the centre through the well-planned meeting between three overlapping architectural elements; an atop lantern, the concrete structure and the façade.

The lantern contains offices and meeting facilities, and serves as a landmark and a marker for the building’s entrance. The geometry and resilience of the concrete forms a significant contrast to the ease of the lantern, reminding the spectator of the grave function of the centre. The perforated steel façade ties together the building, creating overall coherence.

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Measures: Construction of new radiotherapy centre as an extension to the New University Hospital in Aarhus (DNU). Advisory architectural services, user involvement, BIM management. Turnkey contract. Acquisition: Competition Location: Palle Juul-Jensens Boulevard 99, Aarhus Client: Region Midtjylland Gross Area: 10 000 m2 Status: Ongoing Cooperation: Hoffmann, Royal Haskoning, Alectia Disciplines: BIM - Building Information Modelling / Building management / Architectural specification / Universal design / Architecture Architecture Award: WAN Future Projects Healthcare Award 2016