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Skoleparken,  Ski - ill: LINK Arkitektur

Have you ever stood in the centre of one of Scandinavia's major cities and counted all the cranes you can see around you? Then you understand that there are more major changes occurring in urban structures than ever before. The construction processes have enormous effects on the environment, the infrastructure and how people use it. Together with the customer and with the project generally, we wish to explore opportunities, break boundaries and develop a better and more efficient society. Nothing less will do.

LINK Arkitektur's ambition is to create "room for a better life" and we constantly strive to promote positive social and urban development.

This is based on a holistic approach, where opportunities are created for human activity and interaction, where plans are developed for an effective and environmentally friendly infrastructure, and where the environment provides security and diversity. Good urban and site development guarantees permanence and durability.

LINK Arkitektur's organization within the field of PLANNING consists of a versatile group of planning architects, landscape architects and planners. Good theoretical knowledge, combined with long experience, enables us to handle increasingly complex and comprehensive planning and decision-making processes, in collaboration with our creative architects. We put together multidisciplinary teams according to the requirements of the client and the project. Detailed knowledge of the legislation and the regulations is a fundamental requirement and we are very keen to establish good and open collaboration processes between all stakeholders in each project.

LINK maintains high environmental standards and believes that it is during the planning phase that one can find solutions that provide the greatest impact. A sustainable planning approach can provide a much greater contribution to the environmental assessment than the choice of material in a later phase of development. As a result of these efforts, LINK Arkitektur is now one of the first to implement projects using BREEAM Communities.

LINK Arkitektur takes responsibility for the entire process, from vision, investigation and planning to design and implementation. We work with everything from the development of towns and cities to feasibility studies and programming, and always with the environment in mind.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it. - Immanuel Kant

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Ragnar Os Urban Planner, Civil Architect MNAL
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The best way to predict the future is to invent it. - Immanuel Kant