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Lysaker park, Bærum, foto: Hundven-Clements Photography
Lysaker park, Bærum / Hundven-Clements Photography


2019 Opens New Office in Gothenburg
2016 aarhus arkitekterne became a fully integrated part of LINK arkitektur
2016 Establishment of Urban LINK
2015 LINK architecture AS is a wholly owned subsidiary Multiconsult.
2013 LINK arkitektur ApS, a daughter company of LINK arkitektur AS was established in Copenhagen
2010 LINK Signatur changed its name to LINK arkitektur and established itself in Malmö through the acquisition of SAMARK Arkitektur & Design AB.

Multiconsult AS and WSP Group became shareholders in the company. The architectural divisions were transferred to LINK Signatur AS. LINK arkitektur opened a new architects office in Fredrikstad and a new team of landscape architects, LINK Landskap, in Oslo.

In Sweden, the new shareholders’ offices of achitects were incorporated in LINK Signatur AB, a daughter company of LINK Signatur AS

2007 Opening of two offices in Denmark: LINK Signatur AS (Copenhagen and Aarhus).
2006 - Merger between LINK arkitektur and Signatur arkitekter (Sandnes).
- Acquisition of Næss architects and Svingen architects (Trondheim).
- Acquisition of Atrium architects (Alta).
- The new company changed its name to LINK Signatur AS
2000 LINK arkitekter AS was created through a merger between the well-established firms Lysaker Mølle AS (Lysaker) and Maurseth & Halleraker AS (Bergen/Stord).