Vola head shower 060

Vola head shower 060

The main design element of the head shower 060 is its round shape. The circle and the cylinder – and the way these geometries come together – are the pervading DNA of VOLA fittings. In the design of the shower plate, it was important to set the nozzles back from the surface so that they are recessed into the shape. This way, the recognisable VOLA principle of working into the shape is maintained. The shower image is an important parameter for the overall design. 

In the connection between the wall and the shower, the horizontal tube is the bearing element, while the shower head is supported. Here, there is a strong emphasis on balancing the proportions between the two elements. Simplicity must be prevalent in both the design and function of all VOLA products, including head shower 060, which does not have multiple functions.

Head shower 060 from VOLA has won several awards. The product has been awarded the prestigious German Design Award and the American GOOD DESIGN Award from The Chicago Athenaeum. The head shower was selected for the competition with 700 other design products from 38 countries, and the VOLA product won in the "Bath and accessories" category. aarhus arkitekterne's design department is behind the winning design, which joins the range of products the department has designed for VOLA in recent years.


Tiltak: Design of new shower head Oppdragsgiver: VOLA Status: Inagurated Fagområder: Interiør / Arkitekturpris: GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2013 and German Design Award 2014