VOLA showrooms

VOLA showrooms

LINK arkitektur has designed a number of showrooms for VOLA in cities all over the world: Amsterdam, Copenhagen, London, Vienna, Shanghai, Munich and Brussels. All showrooms are individually designed in keeping with the city in question – and all as leases in existing buildings.

Architecturally, we have consolidated the experience of the VOLA products with simple display furniture to ensure that the display appears homogeneous and in line with the minimalist VOLA expression.

A clear line runs through the interior design with a central square as a focal point for the activities of the individual showroom. The choice of colours and materials reflects the characteristic VOLA expression and, by virtue of its simplicity, is cleansed of distracting elements, thus creating space for the products. 

The lighting consists of a number of round fittings of various sizes, placed at random in the ceiling. The circular cut-outs refer to the circle in the VOLA design DNA.


Tiltak: Design of showrooms Oppdragsgiver: VOLA Status: Inagurated Fagområder: Arkitektur / Interiør / Prosjektadministrasjon