Student residences at the habour in Sønderborg

Student residences at the habour in Sønderborg

The future student accomodation at Sønderborg Harbour focuses on creating a sense of community, without comprimising the individual student flat as an attractive, functional and personal space. The project displays an active building that gives high priority to sustainability and motivates residents to act sustainably. 

The residence hall offers a framework for diversity and contains unique communal areas, while the youthful, flexible flats possess a raw, sensory aesthetic, which can be adapted by each resident to provide a homely, tranquil setting for everyday life.

The communal areas are the building's main attraction. The building is designed in such a way that the communal functions and platforms form a coherent "communal stairway" of spaces and terraces which penetrate the corner of the building.

The brick cladding of the façade gives the building a look of high quality and creates cohesion with the surroundings. The alternating communal areas and terraces on the corner of the building create a horizontal subdivision of the façade, which is alternately pulled back and forth up through the building.

The horizontal division is further accentuated by the brickwork switching between patterns. The guardrails on the French balconies and the terraces are made of expanded metal with a golden finish, which compliments and contrasts with the materiality and weight of the brickwork. The golden finish is also seen on the ceilings in the communal rooms and above the terraces, helping to emphasise the terraced course of communal functions up through the building and give the brick building a youthful expression.

The expression and uniqueness of the building come from working in several scales. Overall – in the grand scale – the building is intended as an angled brick building that completes the original town, leading down to the waterfront.

The middle scale manifests itself in the communal areas on the corner of the building and on the roof terraces, which cut into the building volume, introducing the town-house scale into the construction. Alternation in the type and position of the windows represents the small scale, adding diversity to the flats and rendering the individual flat visible in the overall construction.


Tiltak: New construction Anskaffelse: Konkurranse Sted: Sønderborg Oppdragsgiver: Kollegiernes Kontor Bruttoareal: 6 500 m2 Status: Ongoing Samarbeidspartner: Bo Michelsen, Arkitekterne Blaavand & Hansson og Sweco Fagområder: Arkitektur / Landskap / Prosjektadministrasjon Miljøaspekt: DGNB silver