Nordfløjen, Rigshospitalet Copenhagen - Foto: Adam Mørk, 3XN, LINK arkitektur



Digital disruption of creative industries is often seen as a threat; a contrast to the human touch and original thought. This applies to architecture as well. Can an algorithm replace a human’s daring gaze for the unique detail or take over the considerations that place a building in time and space?

There are endless examples of machine architecture that have been drawn unimaginably on computers without a sense of how life is lived in and outside of buildings. But if the almost infinite computing powers and data volumes are utilized optimally and creatively, they have the potential to revolutionize architecture. This is undeniable!

The answer to this ambition is called parametric design. A digitized design process based on algorithmic methods that strengthen the relationship between intention and execution. By qualifying the automated part of the design, we can create well-tested architecture - and release resources for creativity and innovation. In other words, we become curators of our own professional experience.

LINK architecture has just hired three major capabilities in parametric design, which will guide the company's ongoing work in the digital design processes in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. A special focus will be within healing architecture in life science buildings in Scandinavia and internationally.

LINK architecture has built up a considerable base of knowledge and experience from working with a large number of hospitals over the past decades. These types of projects contain a wide range of requirements concerning functionality, logistics, technology and sustainability, which require extensive and labor-intensive calculations and design processes. Through parametric design, we can automate part of the work by accommodating e.g. clinical processes, hygiene, daylight, walking distances, etc. and apply the parametric models in both the design and building process. Our digital knowledge bank will feed the algorithms and will be synchronized with LINK's design principles and culture over time.

Parametric design is thus an expression of timely digital disruption from the inside - and a method for the development of architecture that will ultimately bring a significant boost to the creative design. For the benefit of the industry, our customers, and the users of our buildings.




8th Symposium Health Care of the Future

March 06, 2020 - Academy of Arts Berlin

LINK arkitektur is represented by:

Computational Design Lead

Jan Buthke

Head of Business Development

Mikael Pontoppidan

friday d. 3/6/2020.


Healing Algorithms

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