Moving on from security for some to safety for all

Moving on from security for some to safety for all


Global urbanization has changed the way of life in Scandinavia as we evolve into more connected and global individuals. We work and share our personal lives through the internet and the sharing economy while a greener life-style is becoming more common.

Yet many urban areas are developed based on unsustainable models such as sub-optimization, where you loose focus on the main concept, modernist zoning principles which leads to dead urban spaces and exclusionary bike-lanes only intended for daredevils and spandex commuters. This contributes to make places unsafe and more exposed for harassment and violence.

Can city fabrics and urban spaces be key testbeds in the search for more democratic, tolerant and safe communities by emphasizing resilient and sustainable urban design?

Welcome to the 2017 Oslo Urban Arena breakout session #SafeCity Thursday 21st September.

We will discuss the latest tools and schemes for how urbanism can create resilient neighborhoods and urban spaces as safe, inclusive and attractive surroundings for our daily lives. We will discuss feministic urbanism, co-creation and participatory processing for how to rejuvenate existing areas that are unattractive and unsafe today.

You are invited to join our underground session with international professionals on this topic in the crypt of the Oslo Cathedral at Kirkeristen. In collaboration with young social entrepreneurs, we welcome you to the heart of our capital, Kirkeristen.

We will present tactile and sensuous experiences of light, sounds, installations and taste. Lunch will be served in the garden where you will get a real “Taste of Oslo” from our pop-up kitchens (free for Oslo Urban Arena guests) with delicious foods and beverages. Just follow the chain of charming #SafeCity hosts that will lead you from the Opera passage. This breakout is presented Multiconsult, LINK Arkitektur and Analyse&Strategi”.