LINK Arkitektur appoints a new CEO in Denmark today

LINK Arkitektur appoints a new CEO in Denmark today


Kirsten Anker Sørensen has been appointed as CEO,of the office Link Arkitektur in Denmark.

The main task for the new CEO, will primarily be to cement Link Arkitektur foothold in Denmark and to help develop a new strategy for the company.

Kirsten Anker Sørensen joins the company management.

Company CEO Rolf Maurseth says: "We are pleased to work with

Kirsten Anker Sørensen; she knows the industry and she has experience with strategic planning.

Last but not least, Kirsten Anker Sørensen also has experience implementing strategies. Which is exactly what Link Arkitektur is need. "

Kirsten Anker Sørensen says: "I think that the development prospects of Link Arkitektur are very interesting, and I look forward to being a part of this process. It is an exciting challenge for me to work on a Nordic level "

Marius Lorentzen wants to after several years as CEO of the office in Denmark to now focus more on project development. He and the employees has worked hard to build Link Arkitektur Denmark with a focus on good architecture.

The office has won and built a large number of projects in the Oresund region. A significant reason why LINK Arkitektur in the Oresund region has grown to 25 employees.

About Kirsten Anker Sørensen

Kirsten Anker Sørensen has an cand.merc.from CBS. She comes from a position as

Managing CEO at Erik Møller Architects, which she helped sell to KPF in May 2015.