The good life in new settings

The good life in new settings

The competition project is taking shape in the existing urban area Bank-Mikkelsens Vej in Gentofte Municipality. The area is home to a wide range of daycare and residential facilities for adults and children with multiple disabilities. The area is to be densified and made a more contemporary setting for users and staff. A number of social housing properties for families are to be incorporated, and there is a desire to integrate the area and its open spaces better into the surrounding neighbourhood.

The main idea of the master plan has clearly been for the central green space to be used to a far greater extent than it is today to bring the area together. Both visually and functionally, the central green space should be experienced as the character-giving focal point of the development, offering both places to sit and areas in which to enjoy activities, and which naturally can be used by pedestrians and cyclists to get about in the area.

The entire development is being built with clear inspiration from the existing building stock and carried on as a development of small individual houses, which together create space between them. The adult residences are to be built as a clear extension of the existing building structure, with small individual houses, which together have a varied but harmonious expression.

Børnehuset (the children's home) has a central location in the development and is surrounded by greenery. Like the adult residences, the children's home is built as a grouping of smaller buildings which together form a complete unit. A central courtyard area is to be established in the house, which both functions as an enclosed seating and play area and helps create light, open spaces with plenty of greenery.

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Measures: Masterplan for modernization and development of Bank-Mikkelsens Vej. Acquisition: Competition Location: Gentofte Client: Gentofte Kommune Gross Area: 18 750 m2 Status: Competition, 2015 Cooperation: JAJA Architects, Oluf Jørgensen, GHB Landskabsarkitekter Disciplines: Architecture / Building management