Södra Brunnshög - "Sharing is Caring"

Södra Brunnshög - "Sharing is Caring"

The residential block at Södra Brunnshög is based upon the concept “Sharing is caring” and offers a new type of residence in which the sharing economy model is encouraged and simplified. 

One example of this is the building’s “sharing panel” where tenants can easily borrow their neighbours’ toolbox to put up a shelf, share the produce from the grow boxes on the roof, hire an electric car or cargo bike for a weekend excursion or find a car pool for the commute to work. 

The building is divided up into three sections with an interconnecting shared communicating element. Both the vertical and the horizontal communicating elements are open and insulated and form a large communal outdoor environment for the building’s residents. 

The key to creating an environmentally-friendly residence is to design a building which is climate-smart. For this reason, the apartment building at Södra Brunnshög is as the cutting edge when it comes to energy efficiency and generating its own electricity.

Contact Person

Alexandra Adriani
Alexandra Adriani Regional Director
+46 70 347 49 21
+46 10 479 98 10
Measures: New construction Acquisition: Competition Location: Södra Brunnshög, Lund Client: LKF, Lunds Kommuns Fastighets AB Gross Area: 4 000 m2 Status: 2016-2020/2021 Disciplines: Architecture Enviromental Aspect: Ssharing economy model