LINK arkitektur has recently begun work on strategic holistic planning in connection with extensive renovations, modernisation and new construction in Præstevangen, Dept. 1 under the auspices of Boligforeningen Århus Omegn.

The department comprises a total of 667 homes with living spaces ranging from 38 to 105 m² and a small shopping plaza with approximately five shop units. The department’s status as a desirable residential area is to be reaffirmed, with the spotlight on types of homes, home interiors, neighbourhood provision, accessibility and architectural quality.

The master plan takes as its starting point a current residential programme working with dwelling, the facades, local facilities and the Præstevangen area as a whole. The residential programme is running in parallel with project development and serves as an integrated design process, giving local residents a great deal of say in the renovation and development of Præstevangen.

The master plan seeks to ensure that the area will remain an attractive, high-quality, integral part of the Aarhus suburb Viby.

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Measures: Strategic master planning in relation to extensive renovation, modernisation and construction. Consulting architect Location: Kaj Munks Vej 2, Viby J Client: Boligforeningen Århus Omegn Gross Area: 55 000 m2 Status: Ongoing Cooperation: Bascon, d.a.i. arkitekter ingeniører Disciplines: Landscape / Architecture / Building management