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Parkportalen is a new and innovative commercial building, which with the aid of BREEAM Excellent qualification, will be constructed with consideration and respect for the both the environment and the users.

With its 25,000 m2 and up to 8 storey tower design, the building will form the cornerstone of Jåttåvågen's new gateway. The location is the attractive "Rig site", which is located along Boganesveien and Jåttåvågveien. The location is especially unique, since it is facing towards Jåttå school on the opposite side of Jåttåvågveien, where they combine to form a new gateway to Jåttåvågen. The building grows in height from north to south, and is adapted to the scale of its surroundings. The main volumes are divided vertically in interlocking volumes that give the building a unifying scale for the surrounding buildings. There has been a focus on warmth and texture in the choice of materials in order to achieve a welcoming and inviting appearance for the façade.

Energy / Environment
The project has a clear environmental profile with a strong focus on environmental issues, energy requirements and energy consumption in the design. The design is also intended to comply with the Passive House Standard. The building itself has a design that provides excellent utilization of space, resulting in low energy requirements. There has been a focus on designing smaller atria that provide views to the open air from all work stations, and as many square metres as possible along the façade with sufficient daylight. The atria in the building are not climatised, but acts as buffer zones. They are temperate for most of the year and are used as green winter gardens. Natural ventilation prevents overheating in the atria during the summer.

The offices along the atria have withdrawn ceilings for higher windows and more natural light. The size of the atria has been adapted through a process where daylight calculations and area utilisation has been carefully considered in order to ensure sufficient daylight in every office. To achieve this, highly reflective material is used on the walls of the atria, with a varying proportion of glass for the different floors. Glass portion of the atria walls varies from a high proportion of glass at the bottom, to a smaller proportion at the top. This means that more light is reflected from the top to the bottom in order to provide a uniform distribution of light in the atrium.

The building must be BREEAM certified, and the ambition is to achieve the level "Excellent". This environmental classification will be used to assess the building's environmental performance and thus to achieve a sustainable design. The certification will address the following categories: "Management and administration", "Health and administration", "Energy consumption", "Transportation", "Water", "Materials", "Waste", "Land use and ecology", "Pollution" and "Innovation". The BREEAM work is a continuous process that has been underway since the start of the project, where a preliminary analysis was carried out. The project still conforms to the level of "Excellent" in the design phase. The primary objectives in BREEAM for Parkportalen is proximity to local hubs, indoor climate, daylight, energy efficiency, flexibility and environmentally friendly materials. The criteria from BREEAM have helped to shape the project, where for example the size of the atria must conform to demands for visibility in atria.

In the competition, the client specified that flexibility should be a priority in order to accommodate the turnover of tenants and adaptation to the individual. The building conforms to this requirement with the interweaving structure that is built up around the centrally placed cores. This provides a very flexible building that can be changed and customized according to the tenants' requirements. The different "fingers" can be combined in various ways, while everyone has access to the cores.

The layout is focused on achieving a compact building with the largest possible office space along the façade, while ensuring daylight and views to the outdoors from all offices through the atria. In this way, each finger can be designed with full cell-office solution, an open landscape or a combination of both. The toilet cores are placed along the spine of the building, together with the print room, the meeting room and the kitchenette. This provides an ideal use of space and ensures access for the users of these functions.

Contact Person

Hanne Kruse
Hanne Kruse Team leader, Civil Architect
+ 47 990 90 469
Location: Boganesveien 56 , Stavanger Client: Smedvig Eiendom AS Gross Area: 25 000 m2 Status: Forprosjekt Disciplines: Architecture