Oceanhamnen, Helsingborg

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Oceanhamnen, Helsingborg

Housing project with 110 rental apartments as well as shops and business premises in the ground floor in the new urban development area ‘Oceanhamnen’ in Helsingborg.

The project consist of nine building volumes in 4-6 storeys arranged around a shared courtyard. Each volume has its own expression with a rich variation of bricks, structures and details that converse with the city’s housing traditions and give the building a certain town house quality.

Besides this, the building is characterised by large windows that secures a plenitude of daylight in all apartments, whilst different types of balconies and roof terraces makes good opportunities for spending time outdoors. As a reference to the area’s industrial and maritime history entrances and common circulation areas are marked by corten steel.

Courtyard and roof terraces are designed with a mixture of open green areas, areas for urban farming, winter gardens in glass and small private gardens.

The building is located directly at the seafront with one side reaching all out into the ocean. Here the courtyard is opened up towards the sea, and a small public area with sitting possibilities and stairs going directly into the water is established. Alongside a promenade, a similar area is established in connection with the small canal towards south.

Approx. 8500 sqm housing + 455 sqm business + 2500 sqm underground parking.

Contact Person

Alexandra Adriani
Alexandra Adriani Regional Director
+46 70 347 49 21
+46 10 479 98 10
Measures: New build Location: Oceanhamnen, Helsingborg Client: Magnolia Bostad Gross Area: 9 000 m2 Status: Competition proposal 2014. Detail design ongoing. Expected completion 2017 Cooperation: Batteríið Architects Ltd, Island Disciplines: Architecture Enviromental Aspect: Passive house