Midtbyen, Kongsvinger

Midtbyen, Kongsvinger
Illustration: Axion
Midtbyen, Kongsvinger
"Vrimmel" in Midtbyen
Midtbyen, Kongsvinger
Analyzes and future mobility
Midtbyen, Kongsvinger
Situation plan and chart for social sustainability
Midtbyen, Kongsvinger
Permeability and social venues in Midtbyen
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Midtbyen, Kongsvinger

VRIMMEL (“Rabble”) is the vision of an exciting area with social meeting places, vibrant life where Midtbyen plays the role as a generator for a future- and vital-Kongsvinger.

The area is developed into a modern urban neighbourhood with its own identity, strong connection to the surrounding environment. Diverse and varied architecture, apartment structure and housing compositions form the basis for a socially residential plan. Small housing and large public areas contributes to form a good framework for an urban lifestyle in VRIMMEL.

Key issues in the project have been facilitating biking and walking, site formation, meeting places, relating to surrounding structures, and preservation of -historical buildings.

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Camilla Aakre
Camilla Aakre Regional Director / Architect
Admin / Staff
+47 930 18 010
Measures: Feasibility study/parallel assignment Acquisition: Direct commission Client: ØM Fjeld Gross Area: 45 000 m2 Status: Completed May 2017 Cooperation: Multiconsult and LINK Landskap Disciplines: Urbanism / Architecture