Korskærparken & Sønderparken

Korskærparken & Sønderparken

The master plans for Sønderparken and Korskærparken in Fredericia are a project where the existing social housing is not only to be renovated and repaired, but further developed into modern, up-to-date neighbourhoods. The project specifies a strategy as to how, via a democratic process involving the residents, the areas are elevated into sustainable neighbourhoods for all.

The outdoor areas are transformed and re-energised with new activities that inject new life into the area. They are used in ways they have not been used before, including new allotments that are tended by the residents. At Sønderparken, two new areas have been created, providing space for both green and more urban activities in the neighbourhood. At Korskærparken, the different areas are connected by a new central green area, where water is the unifying element. In both areas, accessibility has been incorporated as a natural part of the design of the outdoor areas and the refurbishment of the apartment blocks.

The refurbishment of the façades is executed as a clear strategy on how to create homogeneity among the otherwise somewhat varied buildings, but at the same time allows a high degree of variation, giving the individual blocks their own identity. The roof and façades have been refurbished in collaboration with The Danish Building Defects Fund (Byggeskadefonden), with a great focus on sustainability and long-lasting technical solutions. The façades share a number of common features; on the long sides of the building, a number of components have been used that add new spatial qualities to the flats. The components create a high degree of variation and offer unique opportunities for resident involvement.

The flats are being refurbished internally in order to enable individual and flexible interior design options - according to residents' wishes. A number of brand new types of flats are also being added, such as penthouse flats, villa apartments and maisonettes that cater to new resident groups.

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Measures: Two master plans, facade renovation and refurbishment of approximately 1,700 social housing flats. Lead consultancy services - including design engineering and technical inspection. Acquisition: Competition Location: Søndermarksvej 38, Fredericia Client: Boligkontoret Fredericia and boli.nu Gross Area: 156 000 m2 Status: Ongoing Cooperation: SAHL arkitekter, Arkitekt Kristine Jensens Tegnestue, d.a.i. arkitekter ingeniører Disciplines: Landscape / Building management / Architecture