Kalvebod Brygge

Kalvebod Brygge

The Danish Building & Property Agency's new office building will be centrally located along Kalvebod Brygge in connection with the new recreational park area on the site of the former railway. The construction will create a central point around Copenhagen's most important southern access road. The new office building with space for around 2,000 office workplaces will serve as an administrative hub for four agencies: Banedanmark, the Danish Transport and Construction Agency, the Danish Road Directorate and the Danish Energy Agency. In the jury report, the project's architecture is praised and given the second-highest rating.

The following is said about the functionality of the architecture: 

"The proposal provides superior workplaces with an excellent indoor climate, a building with a high degree of flexibility and general usefulness as well as very good, functional communal facilities."

When designing the landscape and building layout, we have been inspired by the historical features, characterised by the line of the tracks, which supremely create long, gliding lines through the area.

The volume of the building is set out in such a way that it appears as both one single building and as a complex grouping of several building volumes. The building can thus be perceived as one distinct building volume that accentuates the specific dynamics that characterise this infrastructural space, or as a grouping of several smaller buildings around an atrium.

The breaking up of the building into smaller units makes its organisation clear, creating clear local units where daily users of the building build up a strong sense of identity in relation to their workplace. At the same time, the division into smaller building volumes offers the opportunity to develop a building with a basic structure that can be split into sections, providing the best framework for future adaptations and flexibility.

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Measures: Office building for four agencies. OPP competition Acquisition: Competition Location: København Client: Bygningsstyrelsen Gross Area: 41 000 m2 Status: Outline project, 2014 Cooperation: Industriens Pension, Skanska Øresund, KPC, Kemp & Lauritzen, Holscher Architects, Grontmij, GHB, Laika Disciplines: Architecture / Building management