The homes are located in three enclaves on the undulating terrain of the large parcel. The enclaves are dotted around the landscape and each enclave offers direct access to the large common. In addition to the common area, which offers scope for football games, etc., the other green areas around the complex are reserved in order to maintain the impression of living in an open, green landscape, and to enhance accessibility.

The southernmost part of the complex comprises courtyard houses. The rest of the complex comprises atrium houses with a varied rhythm of one-storey and two-storey building carcasses and with large roof gardens between the main carcasses. With this arrangement of the area, each dwelling has an outdoor area as well as the best possible outlook.

Sensuality was a keyword in the design of this complex. There is a subtle, poetic interplay between the building carcasses in exposed brickwork in deep-red brick, and the whitewashed, recessed finish of the intermediate buildings. This provides strong materiality and a relief-like character, which also helps to create variety and spaciousness in the complex. Together with the classic architecture of the complex, the strong materiality helps to distinguish clearly between the individual homes and their identity.

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Measures: Development of dense/low housing with 21 exclusive owner-occupied dwellings. Architectural consulting. Location: Helenelyst 181, Brabrand Client: Kuben Byg A/S Gross Area: 2 630 m2 Status: Inaugurated Cooperation: Birk Nielsens Tegnestue, Dansk Boligbyg A/S, Tri-Consult A/S Disciplines: Landscape / Architecture / Building management