Field’s, Copenhagen

Field’s, Copenhagen

In collaboration with Benoy Architects Newark LINK arkitektur has developed the visual design concept for Field's shoppingcentre Copenhagen. The assignment consists of 3 separate assignments; a visual design concept improving the overall identity and ambiance for customers visiting Field’s, a food and leisure concept entailing visitors incentive to stay and make use of the food and leisure offers in Field’s, and finally a new design concept for the underground car park.

Nordisk Film will be opening a new cinema with 9 screens in Field’s in the beginning of 2015. The cinema has a total capacity of 1500 seats, which prompts Field’s to attract and provide services to the future cinema-goers and to the Field’s customers alike. The new visual design concept for the shopping centre aims to enhance the identity of Field’s, and to boost the attraction towards the customers, by the means of new signage, a better overall flow and an alteration in the use of the open spaces. The many offers and usages of Field’s have to be presented better. Furthermore the establishment of connection points to the new cinema is a key issue.

The new concept for food and leisure aims to enhance the visitors’ desire to make use of the activities offered by Field’s. This can be done by improving and regrouping the existing offers, and by adding allure and ambience to the leisure areas, making it more pleasurable to eat and stay longer in the centre.

Field’s desires to appear more family oriented in the future, and this will be made possible by establishing better leisure areas and playing areas throughout the centre, and by refurbishing the secondary public areas, such as lounges, toilets etc.

The assignment furthermore includes the development of a new design concept for the underground car park. The general orientation in the parking area will be improved, and the assignment focuses on visual effects; lighting, surfaces and signage, hereby improving the experience of the arrival at Field’s.

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Measures: Development of visual design concept Location: Arne Jacobsens Allé 12, København S Client: Steen & Strøm Danmark Gross Area: 74 000 m2 Status: Inagurated Cooperation: Benoy Newark, COWI, Niras Disciplines: Architecture / Interior / Building management