Mulighetsstudie transformasjon, Sandvika - ill: LINK arkitektur
Mulighetsstudie transformasjon, Sandvika - ill: LINK arkitektur

We live in a time affected by global urbanization and the need to understand how to create well designed physical environments has become one of the most important challenges of our time. Architecture is essential in order to create good solutions , but in order to create a sustainable society architecture has to be more than just theories and visions considered in an early phase of each project. It is in the early stage of a project that we create the complex physical and actual basis which establish the society we wish to create. At LINK we have taken this seriously, and from 2016 we established a new field of expertise; The core business strategy of Team Urban LINK is to lead interdisciplinary concept development, securing a qualitative and sustainable basis for the development of cities, properties and public places.

Team Urban LINK is one of the main focus areas within LINK Arkitektur and Multiconsoult, creating a new platform which specializes in urbanism focusing on Scandinavia as a whole. Urban LINK will be in forefront of, and cooperation with, interdisciplinary specialists in both LINK Arkitektur, LINK Landscape, “Analysis and Strategy” and Multiconsult. Urban LINK will be the head early phases of idea generation and innovation regarding urbanism, based on sustainable methods and concepts. As an interdisciplinary group, consisting of architects, city planners and landscape architects, we have a goal of being the leading firm in urbanism in Scandinavia.

In Urban LINK we are passionate about building green. Rather than working with urbanism as a static goal and building cities with high density, we are working with the ongoing act of urbanisation. Urbanism is creating interaction and shared space where people meet, not only online and through the internet, but also physically; i.e in public spaces, at home, at work, on holidays.  We believe the most important factor is to understand people’s lifestyle in order to create and promote attractive and sustainable spaces.

We are open, curious and excited about the cultural and social context in which we work. Our method is to understand and study local conditions as building blocks that forms belonging and identity. Mobility is, in this context, a part of creating both interaction and environmental friendly property and industrial development, and is an important aspect. We believe that one through active cooperation and dialog can find unique growth potential. This is the base on which we can develop spaces that stands out with a strong character and attract people, not only in Scandinavia but internationally.

Sustainability is usually divided into segments based on economic-, social- and ecological relations. In Urban LINK we try to create a connection between the three and combine them in the best possible way. Through strong concepts and spatial solutions, we work with a goal of delivering meaningful experiences that promotes the history behind each unique location. There are no case too small or too big for achieving an attractive city development, and we use sustainable methods to make sure we deliver on a high level of quality in every aspects of the city.

Since inception, Urban LINK has won numerous tenders and competitions in Norway and Sweden; Bodo, Kristiansand, Lillestrøm and Stockholm. As a part of team MAGNA, Urban LINK is working on the parallel study of the government quarter Oslo - “Regjeringskvartalet”.

Our main deliveries are illustrated presentations and reports based on analyses communicated through conceptual drafts, 3D feasibility studies, site analysis, participatory processes and input for area zoning. Apart from managing and guiding projects related to urban planning, the team works with innovative cooperation in urban research, networking, conferences, organizes workshops and keeps inspiring speeches.

“By far the greatest and most admirable form of wisdom is that needed to plan and beautify cities and human communities.” - Socrates ( 471– 399 f.kr)

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Camilla Aakre Regional Director / Architect
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“By far the greatest and most admirable form of wisdom is that needed to plan and beautify cities and human communities.” - Socrates ( 471– 399 f.kr)