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There are an enormous number of requirements that must be satisfied for a building to be described as successful. The visual design and the way it interacts with its surroundings are perhaps the first things many people think of. But it helps little that a building is beautiful if it does not fulfil the function required by the developer, the technical building requirements or if it is not built (and used) in an environmentally-friendly manner. This requires good building management!

Building management is everything that happens on the way from the initial idea to the completed building. The concept includes a number of different tasks. Performed properly, these processes lead to good control in all phases of the construction project and a final product with good project economics, environmental benefits and high-quality architecture.

In LINK Arkitektur, the project managers and the department for building management provide support and control functions for the customer throughout the construction project. We provide assistance with the design and evaluation of tenders and we can manage and participate in preliminary projects and process planning as the customer's representative. In the design phase, we guide the customer from concepts and visions, through construction case processing and the various phases of the project design, all the way to the organization of those who actually perform the work on the construction site. We coordinate the various technical disciplines that are required for the design of a building. As BAS-P, we map the working environment risks and we also take responsibility for area and technical descriptions and ensure compliance with laws and regulations. We prepare time schedules and building calculations and deal with the financial monitoring of the project. At the construction site, we can serve as construction managers, as inspection managers and finally we can conduct the final inspection. In other words, the customer receives a fully completed and approved building. At LINK Arkitektur, those of us who work with building management have a high degree of specialization and experience, including with hospitals/healthcare, offshore and industrial projects. We have both experienced surveyors and certified inspection managers. Together, we can take care of all types of construction projects that are relevant to the Nordic market. Our long and broad experience of various aspects of project management and a long-term focus on continuous improvement, help us to deliver top-quality building management service.

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I like control - Michael Jordan