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Radisson Atlantic Hotel, Stavanger - foto: Hundven-Clements Photography

Designing a great room is a larger process than placing walls, doors and furniture on a drawing. We have to think spatially to achieve the goal of creating inspiring and functional spaces for work or leisure. The rooms we create influence us, because no rooms are neutral. We create surroundings that will inspire and provide better conditions for achieving success with the tasks to be performed. The formula for success is knowledge and enthusiasm!

It is about creating a good environment that nurtures learning, concentration, relaxation, enjoyment, well-being, interaction, fun and joy. We meet the practical and emotional needs of people in different situations and environments. We have experience of how this can be accomplished through, among other things, direct sunlight, lighting, acoustics, surfaces, texture, materials, scale, the use of colour and the positioning of inventory.

We also know that our world is constantly changing. There are high demands for a readiness for change among employees and the interiors must support businesses and organizations' growing need for closer interaction and accessibility. In addition to this, it is important to create spaces for calmness and contemplation.

Together, we are about 30 talented interior designers who challenge each other and you too in our work process to achieve good and innovative interior architecture. We have proprietary tools and methods that have been built up on the basis of our experiences over many years. The tools are used to ensure good user processes, create a credible visual identity and, not least, environmentally sound interior architecture. We focus on the role of people in these processes. The processes must be experienced as meaningful by all of those involved.

The rooms we create are never isolated, but are part of a larger context: The room has its place in a building, street, square and town. As part of the LINK Group, we always work within this complexity. The broad expertise available in LINK ensures that the interaction between the disciplines in the construction process is the best possible. When the various disciplines communicate well together, the interaction between a building's exterior and its interior will fall into place. Architecture is about combining each individual element into a comprehensive and coherent whole that creates meaning. Each string in the large orchestra is significant for the overall experience.

 It is always about people and about being able to see endless possibilities!


Room service? Send up a larger room. - Groucho Marx

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Gerhard Linder Regional Director East, Architect
Admin / Staff
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Pontus Brusewitz Head of Interior Architecture
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Room service? Send up a larger room. - Groucho Marx