The new Rigshospital, Lead consultancy

The new Rigshospital, Lead consultancy

LINK arkitektur as lead consultancy service in cooperation with secondary consultants, 3xn, Grontmij,Nickl & partners, and Kristine Jensens tegnestue, won the competition for the Capital Region of Denmark Kvalitetsfond project for the construction of a new north wing, patient hotel, administration centre and car park building at Rigshospitalet - 88,900 m2 of floor space in total.

The project covers the planning phase through to completed construction. The north wing project includes new functions for the Centre of Head and Or thopaedics and Neuroscience Centre, including outpatient clinics, a radiology unit, operation area bedsection, research and training and trauma OP.

The project includes proposed new initiatives inthe areas of healing architecture and sustainability, with the patient infocus. Flexibility, logistics and robustness are key focuses for the establishment of settings that incorporate environments which help promote future treatment contexts.

The basic architectural design is a cohesive V-shaped structure supported by two main axes, ensuring short distances and easy navigation. This special arrangement ensures good views of Fælledparken and good natural lighting.

The proposal seeks to achieve building openness,transparency, security and humanism, while also creating an enduring and flexible solution which can adapt to future developments in the area of hospital operations. 


Tiltak: New construction Anskaffelse: Konkurranse Sted: Blegdamsvej 9, København Ø Oppdragsgiver: Region Hovedstaden Bruttoareal: 88 900 m2 Status: Ongoing Samarbeidspartner: 3XN, Nickl & Partner, Grontmij, Kirstine Jensens Tegnestue Fagområder: Arkitektur / BIM - Bygnings Informasjons Modellering / Universell utforming / Beskrivelse arkitektfag / Prosjektadministrasjon Arkitekturpris: WAN Award Best Future Hospital