LINK arkitektur is responsible for a thorough renovation of the apartment complex from the 1940’s. The residential units are being renovated and brought up to our times.

The building has a great historic and architectural value to the city of Aarhus. Out of respect for the apartment complex, all original facades facing the street are kept untouched. Towards the inner court yard, an addition is being constructed featuring a light and modern architectural expression. All apartment units receive large and open terraces, ensuring visual and physical connection between interior and exterior spaces. Terraces and a large common roof garden enhance the social aspects of the apartment complex.

The apartment remodel includes new kitchens and bathrooms. The plan layout of the units focuses on great flexibility and variation, ensuring bright and modern living units with simple measures. All amenities and qualities expected in modern housing are being added.

The building complex is being remodeled according to the Danish Low Energy Class 2. The complex will therefore become a unique example of a renovation project which has managed to add a dimension of sustainability to old buildings.

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Measures: Modernisering af eksisterende almen boligbebyggelse Location: Vestre Ringgade 76, Aarhus C Client: Boligforeningen Ringgården Gross Area: 17 600 m2 Status: Inaugurate Cooperation: Viggo Madsen A/S Disciplines: Landscape / Architecture / Building management