New University Hospital, Aalborg

New University Hospital, Aalborg

New Aalborg University Hospital is a new acute hospital located in East Aalborg, which will serve the entire North Denmark Region. The project includes 17,000 m² of floor space for the Aalborg University Faculty of Medicine and preparing a general structural plan covering approx. 330,000 m² of floor space, including construction of Aalborg Psychiatric Hospital, an oncology building and a patient hotel, and expansion to the out patient building. The project is part of the Danish Government's healthcare quality reform.

New Aalborg University Hospital has a consistent focus on the person - in the hospital's architectural expression and the overall structure and its internal organisation, which target the well-being of the patient and coherent courses of treatment. This constant focus on the patient gives the hospital a strong identity, optimal working conditions and ideal opportunities for treatment.

The construction project's general structural plan is reminiscent of a suburb, and is kept on a human scale through large variations in the buildings. The project has two parts: the hospital, and the faculty of medicine at Aalborg University. The two parts are being placed in close proximity to achieve synergies between health education study programmes and research activity cooperation and innovation.

The Kvalitetsfond project's physical setting supports efficient use of staff resources and the patients' own care resources.The general layout of the hospital supports short, efficient patient courses of treatment and optimised procedures, thereby achieving ideal operating conditions and opportunities for savings.

The project has consistently focused on the physical settings and their major impact on the environment for patients,personnel and visitors.

Contact Person

Mette Dan-Weibel
Mette Dan-Weibel Director Healthcare / Architect MAA
+45 40 44 40 92
Measures: New construction Acquisition: Competition Location: Gistrup Client: Region Nordjylland Gross Area: 170 000 m2 Status: Ongoing Cooperation: Consortium: LINK arkitektur, schmidt hammer lassen architects, creo arkitekter, Brix & Kamp, Oluf Jørgensen, NNE Pharmaplan; Royal Haskoning NL, Arkitekt Kristine Jensens Tegnestue, Implement, Bjørk & Maigaard, Søren Jensen Rådgivende Ingeniørfirma A/S Disciplines: Architecture / BIM - Building Information Modelling / Universal design / Architectural specification / Building management