Lilletvedt gård (farm)

Lilletvedt gård
LINK arkitektur AS/ CM Malherios
Lilletvedt gård
LINK arkitektur AS/ CM Malherios
Lilletvedt gård
LINK arkitektur AS/ CM Malherios
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Lilletvedt gård (farm)

The site is a historic part of Lilletvedt Gård, (Farm), and the layout of the housing development is inspired by traditional farmyards, called “tun” in Norwegian. The word “tun”, (related to the English word “town”,) describes the organisation of buildings and space on a farmstead. As in a traditional tun, the buildings are placed following the terrain, shielding the communal spaces and each other from the wind and weather. Housing orientation varies throughout the project, as each building is carefully placed to enhance the contours of the landscape.

With forms that follows function, the different buildings vary in size and height, united by a common design language. The buildings are based on a typical gabled house, a simplistic shape emphasised by the choice of similar materials for both roof and wall cladding. The colour scheme is composed of subdued, nature-inspired hues. Houses in dark grey, natural wood and traditional “farm red” sits like a homestead, surrounded by nature.

Transforming traditional vernacular architecture, “Lilletvedt Farm” is a modern housing complex in harmony with the history and nature of its surroundings.

Architectural concept

The buildings are all different in shape and solutions and vary from 3 to 5 floors, where the 5th floor is a common area with access to outdoor living areas. Avoiding an external gallery, the buildings are oriented to maximise both privacy and natural light for the outdoor areas and to the apartments. All apartments are either floor-through or have two facades, to ensure the quality of living. To the east, the great views of the landscape are shown off with uncluttered outdoor areas. The communal gardens and playgrounds are placed on the opposite side of the buildings.

There is a total of 90 apartments, varying in size from under 50m² to over 80m²; accommodating both singles and families in different life stages.

Access to all apartments is universally designed, allowing access for all.  On some of the buildings, communal roof terraces are providing sunlight and great views.

The heart of the project – the outdoor areas

The project is executed with an emphasis on the communal outdoor spaces. The idea of the “tun” lead to creation of three communal spaces (“tun”), between and close by the buildings. These spaces are the projects hearts and are designed as meeting places. Sunny and shielded from noise, the spaces are visible from all the apartments. All entrances face the communal spaces, allowing for social interaction between residents from all the housing units.

The children are provided with multiple playgrounds, both fully facilitated and in the preserved vegetation on the plot. In this “100 Acre Wood”, the kids can freely explore and create worlds of their own. The outdoors area is universally designed, and the playground provides equal access for all.

The playgrounds and outdoors living spaces are adapted for different age groups, and the pathways leading to them are good recreation areas in themselves. A universally designed amfi provides spaces for social interaction and outdoors recreation, welcoming everyone and allowing equal access to life in the sun.

Contact Person

Grethe Haugland
Grethe Haugland Managing Director
Admin / Staff
+47 480 95 470
Measures: Housing, landscaping Acquisition: Direct commission Location: Lilletveitvegen, , Nesttun Client: Lilletvedt gård AS Gross Area: 12 450 m2 Status: Ongoing 2019 Disciplines: Architecture / Landscape / Specialized services