Helsingborgs lasarett

Helsingborgs lasarett

The spectacular building structure being added to the existing hospital in Helsingborg is an ultra modern, flexible and highly cohesive building which blends gently into its urban setting despite its extensive 46,000 m² floor space. The project encompasses laboratories, psychiatry and somatic outpatient clinics.

We have made a great effort to ensure the new building matches the scale of the surrounding buildings - with the massive existing hospital building structure on one side, and smaller urban propertieson the other. The building merges into the traffic flows in the area, and the existing hospital park is being extended so that the campus concept and image of a cohesive hospital area is reinforced, in the midst of the city's pulsating life.

The basic architectural design draws on LINK arkitektur's extensive knowledge of health-related projects, including detailed awareness of psychiatric treatment and the effects of the environment on patients.

The building differs dramatically from traditional, institutional hospital buildings. The architecture puts people at the centre and is founded in a humane, smaller scale, which is not intimidating like traditional institutional buildings can be, but rather seems welcoming and soothing. The building focuses on a stimulating, healing environment, where patient healing and restitution and the daily staff activities are both infocus. Architecturally, a healing green district is broken up into smaller units, which together comprise a dynamic whole. The building appears friendly and inviting, and openness and transparency permeates all departments, without detracting from functionality and security.

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Measures: Extension of Helsingborgs lasarett. Acquisition: Competition Location: Charlotte Yhlens gata 10, Helsingborg Client: Region Skåne Gross Area: 46 000 m2 Status: Ongoing Cooperation: LINK arkitektur, schmidt hammer lassen, NNE Pharmaplan, Kragh og Berglund Disciplines: BIM - Building Information Modelling / Building management / Architectural specification / Universal design / Architecture