Hangö, Södra Värtan, Stockholm

Portalen Kv. Hangö, Djurgårdsstaden S. Värtan
Illustration: MIR
Portalen Kv. Hangö, Djurgårdsstaden S. Värtan
Plan and illustration: AIX Arkitekter/Stockholm Stad
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Hangö, Södra Värtan, Stockholm

The former industrial harbour in Norra Djurgårdsstaden, Stockholm is now being transformed into an urban and sustainable part of the city with approx.
2 400 apartments and work spaces accommodating 10 000 employees.

Around 2,400 residential properties and 10,000 work premises are to be constructed in the area, and a key element of the project is urbanism – to lay the foundations, at an early phase of the project, for a vivid, integral part of the city. From central Stockholm, Södra Värtan is the first glimpse one gets of the city’s new quarter, and the planned site of the construction project is situated at the transition between ferry industry and city life. For this reason the lower floors of the building will accommodate inviting, public businesses whose hustle and bustle will contribute to a safe, street life.

Kv Hangö as a workplace
The office building is designed for a new generation with new expectations and requirements, with respect to how they will work, live, eat, meet, be seen, spend their leisure time and not least navigate a variety of ambitions in a social and safe everyday environment. To encourage bike commuting, a bicycle lift has been provided which goes all the way up to the bicycle parking space on the roof level of the building. At lunchtime and at the end of the working day the roof garden serves as a meeting point for everyone who works in the building.

The office building is a flexible space which will accommodate both large and small businesses with their various needs – needs which also have the potential to change over time. Here too staff will find a variety of meeting places, formal as well as informal, to suit all kinds of dialogue and working methods. As a commercial tenant in the building you will for example have the option of welcoming your customers in a café at street level, or booking one of the shared conference rooms in the tower-like cube.

Design principle
The building’s concept revolves around the principles of sustainability, efficiency and adaptability. For this reason the load-bearing structure is robust with a network of rigid pillars, while all of the internal walls are lightweight and portable. The choice of materials was based upon the perspective of a long life cycle, with a significant focus on low maintenance requirements and high degree of recyclability.

The design principle aims at a raw character and a certain degree of elegance with its precise transitions and visible floor structure profiles, which lend the frontage a rhythmic quality. The formal language here references the robust character of the dock landscape with frontages of weathering steel and recycled red brick in various shades.

High sustainability profile
In common with the whole of the Norra Djurgården district, the Hangö quarter has a very high sustainability profile. The building’s energy requirements are met by solar panels which also function as a sun barrier. Greenery has been integrated into the building’s design both internally and externally and this contributes to creating an attractive environment, cleaner air, stormwater management, local biodiversity and to improving the efficiency of the solar panels.  

In 2021 the doors of the thirteen-floor, 15,000 m2 office building will be opened and welcome visitors to Stockholm’s new neighbourhood.

Contact Person

Linda Santesson
Linda Santesson Regional Director
+46 72 565 41 51
+46 10 479 99 81
Measures: New construction Location: Stockholm Client: Bonnier Fastigheter Gross Area: 15 000 m2 Status: 2016 - ongoing Disciplines: Landscape / Architecture / Planning