BIM - Building Information Modelling

LINK Aarkitektur is one of the major players in Norway and Sweden in the use of BIM design and LINK Arkitektur wishes to be the architecture industry's leading user of BIM in Scandinavia.

Our BIM vision is to create a continuous flow of information through all stages of the construction process, from the early planning phase, cooperation and the construction process to management and recycling.

LINK has specific projects requiring BIM design for the largest property owners in Norway: Statsbygg, the Norwegian Defence Estates Agency, Municipal Undertaking for Educational Buildings and Property in Oslo, Stortinget (the Norwegian Parliament) and various private players in the Norwegian construction industry.

We design complete buildings and landscapes using BIM. LINK Arkitektur regards BIM as a process based on cooperation and the free flow of information between the designers. This facilitates rational, value-creating work processes for our customers and partners, as well as internally in LINK Arkitektur. We prioritize the active exchange of information, knowledge and experiences.

Better coordination in the design process and close collaboration between the developer, the designers and the contractors, provides customized BIM information that can be actively used on the construction site as well as during the operation and management phase. This provides a process with better technical and functional solutions, fewer errors, lower costs, higher sustainable quality, opportunities for visualization and simulation and enhanced understanding for all stakeholders.

Through solid, extensive experience with BIM design, we have developed effective methods for information exchange and interdisciplinary control in neutral file format throughout all stages and at all levels of the project.

LINK Arkitektur has undertaken the role of BIM coordinator in a large number of projects, where we were responsible for shared models and for the practices governing all CAD/BIM work.

We are ENTERPRISING, PRESENT and CURIOUS. We participate actively in many types of forums, building SMART, SAMBIM, BIM research and development projects and we give presentations at several BIM conferences. We actively seek new knowledge and new perspectives.

We are honest with our clients and we place great emphasis on adapting the level of BIM design to the project's needs, demands and objectives, both for current and future requirements.

Knowledge is power — information is liberating - Kofi Annan

Contact Person

Gerhard Linder Development Manager Offices, M Arch
+47 993 57 146
Knowledge is power — information is liberating - Kofi Annan