Quality Hotel Edvard Grieg - photo: Hundven-Clements Photography
Quality Hotel Edvard Grieg - photo: Hundven-Clements Photography
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What is a good space? You might just as well ask what is the meaning of life. That is what makes architecture so interesting, mysterious and challenging. What makes a space good to work in or stay in depends on the surroundings, what the space and the building will be used for and how it is furnished. At LINK Arkitektur, we want to take on the most challenging projects because we know that architecture is about solving individual tasks in order to achieve the best overall result. We have all the necessary expertise available at any given time and we are used to getting various architecture disciplines to work together toward a common goal. But we are also aware that there is never only one single solution to a challenge. We love having endless opportunities in our work, every single day.

LINK Arkitektur is one of the leading architect offices in Scandinavia, in terms of turnover, the number of employees and the number of projects completed annually. As a business model and philosophy, LINK has chosen to let our 15 offices with approximately 330 employees in Norway, Sweden and Denmark create their own culture and specialist fields. There are many opportunities created by having offices geographically close to you. At the same time, all the expertise in our system is permanently available. This means that you as a customer can benefit from the local knowledge of your nearest LINK office, with all the possibilities that this entails: We guide projects through the local bureaucracy in the most effective way possible, we ensure efficient and personal follow-up and we have personnel that are knowledgeable about the surroundings and the local property market. In addition to construction architecture, we also have wide and accessible expertise in planning, landscaping, interiors and the maritime/offshore sector. Due to our structure and the opportunities it provides for cooperation between offices, we always have the capacity to accept both large and small projects in residential and commercial buildings, transport, industry, urban development, public buildings, sports facilities, health care and education/research facilities. We have extensive experience in all of these categories.

LINK Arkitektur can provide a creative input throughout Scandinavia. Our latest initiative was to open an office in Copenhagen, which means that we now have a presence in all of the major cities and regions in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

As a customer, you will experience us as a partner that drives projects forward and challenges you throughout the process. Good architecture should take account of the project finances, environmental sustainability, flexible and universal solutions and consideration of recycling and good design. We will put together a multi-disciplinary team to ensure that all these architectural elements will be well catered for.

We shape our buildings. Thereafter they shape us. - Winston Churchill

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We shape our buildings. Thereafter they shape us. - Winston Churchill